Replace LaMalfa

Time for a Representative
who actually represents us.

Why Replace LaMalfa?

The following people have filed to run for California's 1st Congressional District and crossed the FEC's $5,000 threshold for candidcay:


 Marty Walters :

  • Core ideals:
    • economic growth for rural economies
    • environmental protection in concert with infrastructure impovement
    • renewable energy
    • healthcare reform
    • supporting social, health, and arts programs
  • Occupation: Risk officer


 Jessica Holcombe :

  • Core ideals:
    • universal healthcare
    • welcoming refugees and creating a path to citizenship
    • affordable college education and relief from student loan debt
    • affordable childcare
    • funding clean energy
  • Occupation: Attorney


★ Dennis Duncan has withdrawn.


★ Brandon Storment has withdrawn.


These additional people have expressed their intention to run for California's 1st Congressional District:


 Lewis Elbinger : Facebook

  • Core ideals:
    • Clean air
    • Clean water
    • Right human relations
    • Stewardship of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms
    • Consideration of the rights and welfare of the Seventh Generation
  • Occupation: "Synergist at The Silk Road Chai Shop"


 Jeffrey Gerlach :


 Gregory Cheadle :


 "Chuck Peterson"


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